Covid-19 Update: Cleaning your home and business is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent the spread of infectious diseases like coronavirus and the Flu.  As with the flu epidemic, we will provide sanitation throughout your home (clean door handles, light switches and commonly touched areas). We aim to provide excellent service, especially in times such as these when viruses can be overwhelming. The World Health Organization (WHO) and CDC have provided basic protective measures, and we will be following those guidelines. At 2 Moms & A Mop, we have always cleaned for the health and safety of our clients.  We have taken additional measures and we are monitoring the evolving situation.   We are following the guidelines of the CDC in all of our clients homes and workspaces to keep both our clients and team members safe.   What We Have Always Done:
  • We use fresh microfiber cleaning cloths and mop heads each time. Our cloths are color coded to prevent cross contamination between rooms and surfaces
  • Bathroom and kitchen surfaces have always been disinfected
  • We encourage and are making staff stay home when they are sick
  • Disposable Nitrile gloves have always been used in all homes
  What is New:
  • All Cleaning technicians are washing/sanitizing their hands when they both enter and leave your site. If washing is unavailable, they have been provided hand sanitizer
  • We are disinfecting high contact points at no charge (Light Switches, Door knobs and kitchen counters)
  • We will be offering new cleaning packages to include full disinfecting options, allowing you to choose the right level of disinfecting for your home or business
  • All Caddies are now cleaned and disinfected daily (as opposed to weekly)
  • We follow the CDC’s protocol and ask that if you have traveled out of the country within the past 14 days, we ask you to reschedule your cleaning.
  • We believe our service is your best line of defense.
  • Our Vacuums are cleaned and maintained each week. Our teams have been instructed to spray their vacuums down with disinfectant between homes.  Our brush rollers will be disinfected daily
  • We have always put your home’s/office’s health first with continuous training on cross-contamination and thorough procedures for disinfecting. – When you go to work, the grocery store and out to any public location you are exposed to hundreds of people’s germs, but if those germs follow you, we will clean them up!
  • We have updated our Personal Protective Equipment and trained our employees on best practices. All of our employees wear gloves, shoe covers, and masks when cleaning. We also recommend and provide eye protection.
  • If our staff has a temperature, cough, or any other signs of illness they are to stay home. Before our time clock will let them clock in they must certify that they are healthy and complete a safety and health questionnaire that applies specifically to the Covid-19 outbreak.
  • We have thoroughly researched cleaning and disinfecting during this virus. Not all cleaners are effective at killing Covid-19.  Our staff has been trained on the proper use of the cleaners we provide.  If you have questions about our cleaners, feel call or email
We will continue to provide you with an excellent cleaning service while improving our processes and helping you have peace of mind that all of the surfaces in your home are cleaned and disinfected.   Additional Resources:
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