Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of businesses do you clean?


    Business Offices
    Auto dealerships
    Show rooms
    Medical offices
    Nursing homes
    Financial Institutions
    Government offices
  2. What is the best way to get a quote on cleaning my office? In order to determine what it will cost to clean your facility, call Kim at Aardvark Commercial Services at 248-690-7885 to schedule a comprehensive walk-through where she will listen to your specific cleaning needs. Aardvark Commercial Services will provide you with a customized cleaning proposal for your facility that will list every task to be performed by Aardvark Commercial Services cleaning team assigned to your location. The proposal will list what will be done, how often and when the tasks will be performed. Once you approve the proposal and agree to the terms we will schedule your first cleaning. After the initial cleaning we will check with you to make sure we delivered what we promised. Our goal is to provide the best cleaning at a fair price.
  3. How do you determine how much it will cost to clean my business/office? In order to determine what it will cost to clean your facility, we do a comprehensive walk-through where we record the size, type of business, frequency of cleaning and the equipment required to complete the job. We also take measurements, record the different types of surfaces to be cleaned, how many employees work there and the number of fixtures, etc.. This information helps us to put together a customized cleaning proposal for your facility.
  4. Do you provide cleaning and dispensable products or do we have to provide those items. We can provide all of the cleaning products and dispensable products including, soap, paper towels and toilet paper necessary for your business. We are happy to accommodate specific product requirements.
  5. Why is Aardvark Commercial Services better than other commercial cleaning companies? With our parent company 2 Moms & A Mop is an award winning residential cleaning service. We add an element of detail to our commercial cleaning plans that is unique within the industry. This would start with your initial walk-through to determine your specific needs.
  6. What cities/areas do you cover? Aardvark Commercial Services is a Michigan based company and proudly serves the following areas:
    White Lake
    West Bloomfield
    New Hudson
    Farmington Hills
  7. Am I required to sign a long-term contract?

    We do not require a long term-contract, but ask for a 30 day written notice to terminate services.
  8. Will I know who has access to my facility and how can I trust this person? Yes you will know the crew leader for your facility. Our employees are bonded, insured and have gone through background checks before being hired as an Aardvark Commercial services team member.
  9. How do we contact someone if we have a special request or an emergency? You will be given a special 24 hour phone number in the event of an emergency. For special requests you can call or email Aardvark Commercial Services at 248-690-7885 or You will be able to speak with a live person and won’t get trapped in the dreaded voice mail trap.